LR LODGE RURAL is an enterprise located in an agricultural holding whose main activities are cattle raising and riding. (refer to the images, gastronomy, culture, landscape, activities, etc.)

The LR LODGE RURAL is a complex with a Central building with 12 double rooms, living room and dining room that can also function for small events up to fifty people. There are also four apartments next to the central building with large outdoor living areas and a secluded apartment called Monte da Asseiceira, with private pool and located on a high point that allows to enjoy a superb view over the Alentejo plain. It also has a set of different outdoor seating areas.

LR LODGE RURAL also has a complex to hold events; parties, companies, etc., with a capacity for about 500 people, with a properly sized kitchen with sound and audiovisual equipment and an outdoor seating area.

LR LODGE RURAL has recreational facilities, a pool area with a large swimming pool, a children’s pool and a Jacuzzi, including changing rooms, tennis court, picnic area, shooting range, dam for nautical activities, bicycle shop.

LR LODGE RURAL also has an associative hunting area, whose mark is the REAL HUNT (symbol), which allows the organization of hunting activities throughout the year, according to the calendar, as well as a zone destined for the start of partridges, pheasants and ducks whose calendar will be updated permanently, being foreseen on certain weekends during the year.
Because LR LODGE RURAL is located in an “Herdade”, it can also offer other activities, such as walking, horse or even jeep tours and participation in agricultural activities (according to the time of year)