The proposed activities can be in Herdade do Barrocal de Baixo, or in other associated places.

Hunting activities – Caça Real

Herdade do Barrocal de Baixo is constituted as a Tourist Hunting Association with Nº 7171. There it is possible to hunt in different manners (depending on the years and hunting seasons).

The following activities can be practiced;

  • Throw of partridges, ducks and pheasants,
  • During the hunting season it can be sell daily positions to pigeons and thrushes,
  • Wild boar and fawn hunting events.

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Agricultural Activities

The concept of Agrotourism presupposes the interaction of guests with local agricultural activities. With this purpose it is possible to provide (depending on the year, the season and the availability, will always be activities to plan in advance) the contact with activities such as. The production of cork, sowing or baling, milk production, work with field cows, shearing sheep or treating horses. It is also possible to organize visits to activities related to agriculture but already with an industrial character, such as the production of regional wines or cheeses.


it is possible to practice canoeing at the Barrocal de Baixo Herdade Dam, with a minimum of 30 minutes.


Existence in the Herdade do Barrocal de Baixo de Tennis court with lighting.

Horse rides

By prior appointment it is possible to organize horse riding tours or to schedule riding lessons in partnership with the Centro Hipico Dom Duarte in Montemor-O-Novo.


Taking advantage of the tranquility and seclusion of the homestead, it is possible to reserve space and accommodation for the organization of Yoga retreats and other activities related to one’s own well-being.


There are defined routes that allow walking or cycling, these must be programmed in a way that makes them compatible with the other activities of the Barrocal de Baixo estate.


In the picnic area next to a small lake it is possible to organize informal meals, and it is also possible to organize in various spaces of the Barrocal de Baixo farm, by prior appointment.

Other Activities:

for the guests with license it may be possible to practice fishing in the dam or sport shooting (depending on the time of year and availability)